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Mel Blanc Show

The Mel Blanc Show was a situation comedy broadcast from 1946 to 1947. Mel Blanc, a popular and talented actor in Hollywood, played as himself in the show. The lead role Mel Blanc ran a repair business called the "Fix-It Shop." Blanc also portrayed the shop's helper, Zookie. Mary Jane Croft played Mel's girlfriend, Betty Colby while Joseph Kearns as Betty's grouchy father, an owner of a supermarket.

The unique feature about the show is Mel Blanc's vast range of voice characterizations. He is able to adopt different dialects and accents which greatly add to the show's dramatic and comic effects. The storyline centers around Blanc's efforts to impress Betty's father, Mr. Colby. He invariably fails to win any favors and very often, if anything, makes Mr. Colby more dubious about him. Indeed, Blanc isn't much of a serious repair man, as most items leave his shop in worse condition than ever!

There are 41 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Birthday Cards September 3, 1946
The Efficiency Expert September 10,1946
The Cake Contest September 17, 1946
Mr Colby's Water Heater September 24, 1946
Muscle Man Contest October 1, 1946
Sally and Marylou October 8, 1946
The Postman's Ball October 15, 1946
Song Writer October 22, 1946
Community Chest Show October 29, 1946
Mel Breaks the New Radio November 5, 1946
The Lodge Invitation November 12, 1946
The Astrologer November 19, 1946
Thanksgiving Party November 26, 1946
Mel and Betty Elope December 3, 1946
Betty's Christmas Presents December 10, 1946
Christmas Shopping December 24, 1946
Mel Plays Santa Claus December 31, 1946
Zebra of the Year Show January 7, 1947
The Broken Caruso Record January 14, 1947
Foreign Relatives January 28, 1947
Masquerade Ball February 4, 1947
Betty's Suitors February 11, 1947
Mel's Birthday February 18, 1947
The Missing Slice of Bread February 25, 1947
Vaudeville Team March 4, 1947

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